School: Winfree Academy (Dallas)

Grade: 11th

Age: 17

Essay: The greatest obstacle I have overcome on the road to High School Graduation was maturing. Life itself made me figured out , I got kick out of the public high school I was attending for skipping. It broke my heart seeing my mom not even upset , but disappointed. I wanted to drop out of high school , she convinced me to don’t do it, and here I am trying my best to make my momma proud. My plans after high school haven’t change I want to take 1 year off and work, work , work and save money to pay a cosmetology school I want to attend and get my beauty license so I can work at a beauty salon and maybe in the future open my own beauty salon. What gives meaning to me is the American dream seeing my dad work in the construction at his age coming home late at night so tier , but he still manage to have a little time for us. My mother working two part time jobs, and my brother looking up to me . I cant fail , because if I do he would follow my steps and I don’t want that for him. My family gives all the meaning to my life . I am not even going to lie we always celebrate thanks giving and Christmas , but this year been really rough. I got sick so they borrow a loan , then my dads work truck didn’t work so they borrow another loan to buy a new truck , my boyfriend is in jail and we are helping his parents since they live in Houston . Our life is all over the place this year. Therefore, we didn’t have money for a dinner on thanks giving so we stayed home and watch movies all together squish on a bed . For Christmas is going to be the same we are not going to have presents nor diner . My parents just have so much to pay all I want is a dinner and a present for my mom and my dad they mean the world to me and they deserve so much . I get to school in a truck my dad bough for me to move my mom since she doesn’t know how to drive. I don’t have babies right now , but my boyfriend and I are looking forward to that in the near future . I love going to six flags or the movies, also finding new cool places . Places I like to go eat , well I love tacos and I don’t know other food places other than fast food restaurants which are not my favorite . I do, I have a cellphone my boyfriend gave it to me last year for my birthday is an Iphone.

School: winfree academy – richardson

Grade: 12

Age: 20

Essay: Good afternoon,
My name is Yolanda Rodriugez I am now 20 years old and currently a student at Winfree Academy Charter Schools. I am extremly blessed to be a student for a school that allows me to attend after working 9-5 monday thru friday as a case manager for a law group here in dallas. The position itself is an amazing opportunity for me especially for my goal of being a litigation mediator one day, I have worked for the law group a year and a half now. However the pay is enough to support myself and my older brother who has been unable to work due to personal reasons and not much is left after rent and bills. With that being said having to support myself and another person has made graduating highschool as fast as wanted quite an obstacle however I plan to continue attending even when I simply dont have the energy to go everyday after work. I just know once I graduate highschool I can have a sense of accomplishment and hopefully determination to fight through college at the University of Texas Dallas after attending El Centro for my first 2 years. In my opinion giving can come in many forms but its intended to imrpve the life of those you can help. For example I dont have many items I can give but every once in a blue moon I have time I can use to improve the life of others by going to an orphanage in mexico I have had the chance to visit only once before but I will be returning for new years to hang out with the kids who dont have the same opportunity as me . Although I dont have much I have food clothes and the bus and train system available to me to get to and back from school and work which has been my only way of transportation lately. At this time I do not have children but I am the sole provider for my dwelling. For fun I love to fish and cook the fish I catch. Also my favorite place to enjoy a dinner is Cafe Brazil . I actually worked part time for them during the summer. I love the atmosphere of the local restaurant .

School: Winfree Charter Academy

Grade: 12th

Age: 18

Essay: My greatest obstacle I have overcome , well trying to overcome is getting all my credits . I only have 8 left to get so I feel that I can really do it . I’m ready to receive my diploma . My plans after high school is going to trade school for cosmetology or Austin State for nursing (Obstetrician) . The reason I want to do either or because I love doing hair and I feel I can express myself in a very unique way by doing hair. Also choosing nursing is because I love working with children , especially newborns . newborns smiles brightens my day . They soft touch gets me every time . Giving means to me is helping someone who is in need . I’m not mostly in need of anything , I’m not a picky person and , I don’t ask for much whatever a person give me I accept it and appreciate it . I live with my mother and her husband . I get to school using the DART bus and my mother takes me to work . No I do not have any children . What I like to do for fun is on my phone or going to the mall with friends and family and just having a good time enjoying myself . Some places I like to eat at are , Brooklyn’s Restaurant , Chili’s , Genghis Grill , Pizza Hut , Subway , Wings & More , etc . Yes I have a cell phone and it’s a IPhone 7.

School: winfree academy

Grade: 9

Age: 18

Essay: My greatest obstacle on my road to success is child care, I have always needed someone to watch my child. What I did to over step this obstacle was to pay my mom to watch my child until I get transportation for public daycare. My plans after high school, is to get me a better job and possibly move closer to a university that I decide to attend.
Giving is a very strong word, the word giving mean to excrete mentally, physically, emotionally and maybe in a form of material things. The items that would make my Christmas would be an apartment, a place to call my own. I live with my mother and I have an three year old daughter.
I love to go out and have picnics with my daughter for fun and I also love writing. A small places I love to eat at is Razoos. I have an Iphone 6